Training Center

The Silverton Volunteer Fire Company congratulates the graduating Firefighter 1 class of the Toms River Fire Training Center especially to the Silverton Volunteer Fire Company members for being presented with the Milan “SPIKE” Baron Award for top recruit in the class based upon a combination of academic, physical fitness and practical evolution performance.

The plaque at the training center reads: ” In honor of Chief Baran’s dedication to this academy and to his great love for training and education. This award is presented to on recruit in each level 1 class for outstanding performance from a combination of high academic and practical scores.

Michael Willson
Pete Sabey
Gene Russo
John Sullivan
Maxwell Kenny
William Carolan
Jason Goldstein
Bridgette Badalis

Station 29 is proud of the above members to achieve this top honor and represent Silverton Fire Company. 

Toms River Fire has a training center that is one of the three state-approved fire training facilities in Ocean County. 

The Administration Building is the main building on the training center grounds. It houses the offices for the fire training center directors and several classrooms, all of which are capable of holding separate courses. Two of the classrooms are separated by a collapsible partition that, when opened, will hold many students in one classroom.

Training Areas:

On the west side of the Administration Building, you will find an indoor training area. This garage‑like room has three overhead garage doors for fire apparatus that is needed for training along with bleachers for students to sit during indoor training sessions. The area provides a location to enhance hands‑on skills including donning PPE, SCBA preparation, ropes and knots practice, and salvage and overhaul. The main fire training building offers 4 floors of training including 4 different areas for “live fire” training utilizing Class A burn materials. Multiple rooms, floors, stairs for search and rescue, a stair tower for high rise training and plenty more.

Additional Training Areas:
  • Maze building for SCBA training with both beginner and advanced levels for training.
  • Large open area for extrication training with an enclosure housing bleachers for students observing and/or rehabilitation.
  • Propane props with a vehicle and a 100lf cylinder
  • Dumpster for outside Class A burns

Expansive area for Tech Rescue training, trench, collapse, vehicle crash, multiple scenarios

Due to state mandates and firefighter safety considerations, Toms River firefighters must pass an NJ State Level 1 and 2 Firefighter 300 hours of introductory training. Our state-certified fire instructors conduct the training. The Firefighter Level 1 and 2 course is held annually at the training center along with many advanced courses each semester, as well as state-mandated annual training.

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