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Fire Police

Who are the Fire Police?

The first Fire Police were created in 1883. Legislation was put into place to appoint members of Fire Companies to act as police under emergency conditions brought about by fire. This law was amended in 1884, 1940, 1947, 1953, 1979, 1987 and finally in 1991 which is in place today under the NJ Division of Fire Safety – Fire Police Basic training course, 1995.

The Silverton Volunteer Fire Co # 1 has had Fire Police members in place since 1953. The role of the Fire Police is to be professional at all times and discharge their duties to the best of their understanding. Members complete a basic training course and take an Oath in which they proclaim they will faithfully discharge their duies to the best of their abilities. All Fire Police members, after completing this, have full power and authority to act as Fire Police member in Ocean County, in which they are appointed.

What are the duties of the Fire Police?

It is the responsiblity of each Fire Police member to preform their duties under the supervision of the Fire Officer in charge at the fire scene or drill.

Fire Police Duties:

  1. To protect property and contents.
  2. To establish and maintain fire lines.
  3. To preform such traffic duties as needed from the fire station to and at the vicinity of the fire, drill or other emergency call, until an authorized police officer arrives.
  4. In the absense of investigating authority, Fire Police shall investigate all causes of fire and preserve all evidence and turn over evidence to proper investigation authorities.
  5. To wear the Fire Police badge on the left side of garment while on duty.

How do we identify Fire Police Members?

Fire Police assist in circumstances that may be hazardous. Fire Police wear proper protective gear to

protect their well-being and provide identification of their role in the Fire Co.

The following is worn by Fire Police members of Station 29:

  1. Badge worn on leftside with identification
  2. Traffic vest with Fire Police lettered on it.
  3. Protective helmet.