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  In Honor Of Our Departed Brothers and Sisters 
No more to hear the siren’s wail
nor the beat of the running feet
No more to hear the clanging bell
as trucks race down the street
No more to feel the biting wind,
the stinging sleet and rain
No more to feel the searing blast
of summer’s heat and flame
No more to breathe the stifling smoke,
nor dodge a falling beam
No more the rattle of ladders,
nor the sound of hissing steam
Silent the cries, “GIVE US WATER!
Silent the chief’s “Well that’s it boys,
We got it just in time”
Our comrades answered his last call,
His task here now is done
and with the greatest chief of all,
The final goal is won.

Harold K. Woolley
TRFD # 1, station 25

© 2022 Silverton Volunteer Fire Company #1