About us

In September 1950, a meeting was held in the small community of Silverton, comprised of dedicated men that shared a common goal: to protect the lives and property of their neighbors. That was the beginning of what became the Silverton Volunteer Fire Company # 1, Station 29.

By January 1951, the idea became a reality. The company, now incorporated, selected George Herbert to be it’s Chief. Construction began on the firehouse, until it’s completion in January 1953. During this time meetings were held at the members’ homes as well as the community center. The hard work of the founders paid off in January 1954, when the Dover Township Board of Fire Commissioners formally recognized our company.  The following are the founding members of the Silverton Volunteer FIre Company #1 that came together and became the founding fathers that chartered the company:

A. B. LaCroix
A. F. Pierson
Vice President
E. P. Weber
S. Brokaw
E. Clayton
F. L. Weber
F. Bayer
G. Herbert
Fire Chief


E. Adamski
W. Maher
P. Applegate
A. Morsch
N. Bayer
D. McLean
D. Brindel
A. Miller
C. Burnett
W. Morris
M. Bruhn
J. O’Neill
F. Clark
R. Rowe
J. W. Hagaman
P. Sherman
G. Hughes
K. Taylor
H. Jackson
S. Tilton
K. Jones
R. Weil
J. Kehoe
P. Werner
J. Lachmann
H. Woolley
J. Landon

The Journey to the 21st Century

The first piece of fire apparatus was a 1952 American LaFrance pumper, purchased from the Atlantic Highlands Fire Co. for $1.00. In 1955, the company was able to purchase its first new apparatus from TASC Fire Equipment in Wall Township. This pumper has since been completely restored, winning numerous trophies from around the state. From these modest beginnings, the company has grown to include three “Class A” engines, a 100 foot tower ladder, a rescue/extrication unit, two brush trucks, a water rescue/rehabilitations unit, fire police unit, and a 25 foot fireboat. During the past decade these units responded to approximate 350 calls for service each year. These call for service ranged from fire alarms, structure fires, motor vehicle accidents, boat accidents, hazardous conditions, water and ice rescues and public service calls.

The Ladies Auxiliary was formed in 1951 with Mrs. Nancy Herbert serving as the first president. The Auxiliary remains to this day an intricate part of the organizations. From assisting at fires and emergencies, to spending long hours fundraising, their contributions are invaluable.

In 1961 members of the Manitou Park Fire Company, Berkeley Township attended their first firefighter training at Silverton Firehouse in Dover Township.

In June 1976, the company celebrated its 25th anniversary. With the support of the commissioners and the residents of Silverton, a new building was dedicated, along with a tower ladder and chief’s car. Through the dedicated professionalism of our members and the support from their families, our dream of being one of the finest fire companies in the state had been achieved.

In November 2006 the voters of Dover Township approved the name change to Township of Toms River.  This changed our fire district to now be Toms River Fire District # 2.

On August 28,2011 Toms River and the rest of New Jersey was hit by Hurricane Irene.  This was more of a flooding event and was the costliest disaster in the states history to date.   Our members staffed the firehouse for days around the clock running calls along with assisting EMS on medical calls.

On October 29, 2012 Toms River, NJ was hit by Super Storm Sandy the calls were answered by volunteer members and numerous mutual aid companies, who put their lives at risk in an effort to save thousands.   The last run for Engine 2921 will forever stand as a reminder of our actions and dedication to our community.

Chief 2900  Robert Sinnott Jr.

Assistant Chief 2910 Gus Baxes

Engine 2921 OIC Lt Pete Sabey, Operator Tom Laffan Jr, Adam Skura, Lou Perez, Joe Veni, John Carolan

Ladder 2965 OIC A/C Gus Baxes, Operator Will Ihrig, Mike Mooney, Joe Pretto, Rob Leach

(2965 was re-assigned for the storm from the Training Center to run as 1st due ladder company)

Ladder 2905 OIC Tim Geoghegan, Operator John Addalia

Engine 2911 OIC James Mitchell, Operator Todd Boden, Tony Maurillo, Rob Kennedy, Corey Ford

Station 29 Command Post / Radio Room Brian Tillotson, Dana Mitchell

In August 2013, the company celebrated with the support of the commissioners and the residents of Silverton, a new 101 foot tower ladder and 4×4 pump on the go engine.

In October 2016, the Jersey Shore and Northeast dodged a bullet that was Hurricane Matthew.  Unfortunately, residents in North Carolina weren’t as lucky where 28 deaths occurred, close to 100,000 homes and businesses were damaged, and officials are estimating that damages will cost an estimated $1.5 billion dollars.

Since the News outlets pretty much have only focused on the presidential race, most people across the country don’t know about the extent of the damage sustained from the Hurricane in North Carolina.  A donation collection to help out families in North Carolina that have been affected by Hurricane Matthew.  Silverton Volunteer Fire Company#1 wants to give back after all the help they received after Hurricane Sandy.

On March 9, 2019 Toms River Fire District # 2, Silverton Fire Company Station 29 has established squad company “2913”.  This is a consolidation of Engine 2901, Rescue 2917 and Water Rescue / Rehab 2904.  Squad 2913 operates as an engine, rescue & vehicle extrication, FAST/RIT, water / ice rescue and rehab. Squad 29-13 is equipped and responds as part of the Toms River Township Fire Department Special Operations Team and the Ocean County RUST – Regional Urban Strike Team (technical rescue team) for confined space, trench collapse, high angle rope rescue, or structural collapse incidents.

Our membership has steadily grown over the years. Each member draws on our traditions adding their individual talents to provide the best possible community service. We carry on the legacy of our founders.

The company has grown and changed over the years as of 2024 we operate  2 Chiefs Cars, 2 “Class A” engines, a 101 foot tower ladder, a squad Class A  rescue/engine, a brush truck, a fire police unit, a 23 foot fire boat and a tech rescue trailer.

  • 2900 Chief Car – 2022 Expedition
  • 2910 Assistant Chief Car – 2016 Tahoe
  • 2931 Class A Engine – 2018 Rosenbauer
  • 2905 101 Foot Tower Ladder – 2014 Rosenbauer
  • 2913 Rescue Engine – Extrication / Water & Ice / FAST – 2018 Rosenbauer
  • 2927 Fire Police – 2020 Ford F250 Pick Up
  • 2909 Brush truck – 2002 Ford F550
  • 2927 Technical Rescue Trailer
  • 2906 23 Foot Fire Boat – 2003 Safe Boat
  • 2979 5 Ton Water Rescue

This year 2024, the company celebrates 73 years of service and recognizes its members for their unselfish, tireless dedication to their community. Through our numerous activities, a fire explorer program, Easter egg hunts, Santa Run, Flower sales, Chinese auctions, food and toy drives, dances, public safety day and most of all saving lives and property. We will continue the proud tradition of the Silverton Volunteer Fire Co #1.

We are Station 29 and proud of it.