December 25, 2021

Congratulations to Chief John "JR" Keating Jr on becoming the 26th Fire Chief of the Silverton Vol Fire Company # 1 as you lead us in 2022.


Proudly Serving America's Greatest Community 

January 1, 2021

To our membership, Ladies Auxiliary and family members of Silverton Volunteer Fire Company, we would like to say "thank you" to those that have donated and/or sacrificed time away from family, friends and loved ones to support us and our community where we live. As we move forward in 2021, we look to the community for strength and guidance to carry on our mission as we celebrate 70 years of service.  

*** 70 years of service 1951- 2021***





Station 29 Mission Statement As volunteer responders to fire, public safety, natural and manmade disasters and assisting with medical emergencies, Silverton Volunteer Fire Company protects the lives and property of Toms River Township residents and many summer visitors. The members promote public safety through its fire prevention, education programs and community interaction and follows the many values of our founding members.

Objectives: The objectives shall be the extinguishing of fires and the protection of life and property.

Service: The members continue its 24-hour call to serve and protect.

Bravery: When risking your life to save others a quality of spirit that enables you to face danger of pain without showing fear.

Safety: With the best equipment and training, S.V.F.C. can reduce the risk to its members and the public.

Honor: The commitment necessary to perform requires excellence of character. We inspire each other through pride, both past and present, which is a belief that every action reflects on all the members of the Silverton Volunteer Fire Company #1.

Dedication: A commitment to the objectives of our mission is an essential part of existence


Recognition of Service Awards:

10 years
Nick Osborn

Joseph Veni

Rosemary Pasqualetto

15 years (Life Member)
Anthony Naturile

Michael Stanzione

Christopher Hansson

Daniel Dickman

Helen Kearney

Joanne Naturile

Donna Fiore-Willson

20 Years

Brian Tillotson

Todd Boden
25 years

William Ihrig

45 years

Andy Jensen

54 years

Robert Clark

2020 President Award
John Reilly

Is in recognition of a member who displays a level of dedication that far exceeds his duties and obligations.

2020 Firefighter of the year
William “Willie” Ihrig

Is in recognition of a member who best exemplifies the positive characteristics of a member of the fire service and who has a notable record of service and achievements.

2020 Exceptional Service
Thomas Fischer
Joseph Zangara

Exceptional Service - For a highly creditable accomplishment bringing public acclaim to the company, or the fire service in general as a result of training, devotion to duty in the company, or service to the public. Exceptional Service Award Commendation shall be orange.

2020 Medal of Honor for actions during a structure fire 2/8/20
Jason Goldstein

Joseph Veni

2020 Meritorious Service for actions during a structure fire 2/8/20
John Pagano

John Winiavski Jr

John Carolan

Meritorious Service - For a highly unusual accomplishment under adverse conditions with some degree of hazard to life and limb of the member, or where serious injury to a third party is prevented. Meritorious Service Award Commendation shall be Blue, White, and Green with the Blue to

the left when viewed from the front.

Remembrance of our deceased members for 2020:

Anthony “TEE” Cenicola

Dave Vanbrunt

Rose Pasqualetto

Catherine Ledger

Recognition of Honorary Members:
Michael Reilly – ServPro of Toms River

Cataldo Family Johnny G’s Italian Restaurant
Intelisano Family Silverton Memorial Funeral Home
Galati Family Silver Bay Car Wash
Arms Family Lenny’s Silverton Meats & Deli
Rose Family Yellow Brick Road Ice Cream
Girtain Family Girtain Sign’s
Patty & John Jemison


Click on the link to see live weather from Silverton, NJ 08753

12/13/2020 Press Release – Silverton Fire Company needs your help with identifying the real life Grinch's of SILVERTON.

On Friday 12/11/20 at 7pm, two Christmas Trees were stolen from the Silverton Fire house grove and one tree was planned to be delivered to a family this Saturday.    It’s very obvious that we were sold out of trees as the area was dark, no members were present and they even look at the tree sales tags which had a family name  and delivery date on it.  

Video footage is from Friday 12/11/20 approx. 7pm with two separate cars each with two occupants each enter our fire company property and help themselves to a tree.   

This has been reported to Toms River Police Department – if you have any information please contact Tom Fischer, Sean Walker, send us a Facebook message or contact TRPD.    


Car # 2 and occupants of 2nd theft:



10/4/2020 Americas tribute to fallen firefighters - in honor of the 103 firefighters in the 2020 Roll of Honor. Our goal is to show support to the families and fire department members of these fallen heroes. Please post with #firehero2020 and #NFFFTribute. Thank you!
George Herbert - Silverton Fire Company's 1st fire Chief was killed in a Forest Fire - April 1955
Incident Name: Brickyard Fire 
Date: 4/10/1955
Personnel: George Herbert
Agency/Organization:  New Jersey Forest Fire Service
Position: District Forest Warden
Summary: District Forest Fire Warden George Herbert (Fire Chief Silverton Volunteer Fire Company #1) was killed in the line of duty on Easter Sunday, April 10, 1955. He was acting as an engine boss and supporting a backfiring operation when his engine was stuck on a stump while suppressing a spot fire. Another fire fighter who was with Herbert fled, but Herbert stayed with the engine on Turner Road and was severely burned when the main fire burned over his position. He died the following day




June 2020 - Current Pumpers - Engine 2931, Squad 2913, Engine 2911 and Engine 177

March 2020

The Silverton Fire Company’s main responsibility is the fire protection and prevention to our community as a whole. We have been and will be working hand in hand with the Toms River Fire District # 2, Silverton EMS, Toms River Police, Toms River CSOs and Toms River Office of Emergency Management and our neighboring fire companies. We will monitor the world events and update the amount of time to be more or less if needed and we also will face intense boredom while in quarantine but it has to be done. We are staying prepared for you. The next month will be tough for everyone, luckily together we're a community and will pull through it stronger than ever.

Our members recognize how these trying times will be affecting families, schools and our local stores, bars, restaurants and breweries. We thank you for your continued support and we along with you support our local businesses. Please stay safe, wash your hands, heed all precautions set forth by the medical profession and be well.


Friday 2/7/2020 TRFD Incident 2020-0170   71 15th Street - Fatal House Fire.


Not all days can be good days. We were dispatched to a late night fire and despite all of our best efforts one young mother didn't make it out. At this time there is to many supporting agencies to list but our members thank you for having our backs during and after this incident. The phone calls, texts and messages are all well appreciated. Our Dispatchers, TRPD, Silverton EMS, Toms RIVER CSO and our Ladies Auxiliary worked hard in a cold windy night with the help of many others. We battled flames and extreme weather conditions in a courageous and valiant effort. This is a tragic day for the Silverton Fire Company and the Silverton section of Toms River Township.
Our hearts are heavy this evening for this loss and we can't begin to imagine how devastated this family is.








Appointed Positions 2021

2950- Joe Brown Safety/Health Officer

2960- Robert Reynolds Safety/Health Officer

2970- Rich Gabriel Safety/Health Officer

2980 - Kevin Geogheghan Operations Officer

2990 - John Reilly Fire Police Officer

2991 - Joe Pretto Fire Police Officer

2992 - Lou DeAngelo Fire Police Officer

2993 - Mike Willson Fire Police Officer

2994 - Dave Guziejewski Fire Police Captain

2995 - Bob Hansson - Fire Police Officer

2996 - Joe Duff Fire Police Officer

2997 - Troy Brezniak Fire Police Officer

29937 - Bill Dorman Fire Police Officer

2998 - John Carolan Critical Infrastructure Officer

2999 - Chris Inglis Critical Infrastructure Officer

Robert Reynolds Engineer

Joe Zangara Engineer Engine 2931

Rich Gorman Engineer Ladder 2905

John Pagano Engineer Ladder 2905

Kieran O'Hara Engineer Squad 2913

Chris Inglis Engineer Fire Boat 2906

Tom Fischer Engineer Brush 2909

Michael Willson Engineer Fire Police 2927

Todd Boden Engineer Reserve Engine 2911

Joe Zangara Engineer Antique 177

OEM 6 & Marine Division Engineer Connor Shevlin

Dave Guziejewski Quartermaster

Mike Willson Quartermaster

Bill Dorman Chaplin

Rob Leach Chaplin 



Tower Ladder 29-05, Squad 29-13, Engine 29-31 March 23, 2019
Thank you to those that attended our 2019 October Fall festival, apparatus blessing 
and member reunion.   What a weekend we had, our community rocks !
In honor of our founding members, the many members and family 
that have been part of us since 1951 -
On the left, 2018 Rosenbauer, our newest engine - Silverton Engine 29-31 
parked next to  
On the right, 1955 TASC, our 1st owned engine - Silverton Engine 177

The Silverton Volunteer Fire Company (Station 29) and Pleasant Plains Fire Department (Station 30) under the authority of the Toms River Fire District #2 are proud to announce that we have been evaluated and upgraded our ISO Public Protection Classification of a Class 3 as of April 19, 2019. The Insurance Services Office evaluates all fire departments capabilities to provide their classification that insurance companies use in determining insurance rates. The ratings are Class 1-10 with 1 being the best. Only 5,435 out of 41,177 fire protection agencies have a classification of 3 or better in the Country. This helps our residents and business owners on their insurance rates. We are proud to attain this rating that adds to our resume of providing a great service to the property and business owners of Toms River Township.

March 9, 2019 Anchorage Harbor Condos - Bounty Court
January 1, 2019 0502 hours TRFD Case # 19-0001  42 15th Street cross of Aldo Drive

The 15th Street fire on January 1, 2019 has resulted in a family with the loss of their personal belongings. Silverton EMS and Silverton Fire Company has received numerous inquiries on donations, clothing drive and fund raisers. For those interested in helping the fire victims out, we have put together a list of household members that are in need of clothing:

Christina – Small tops, size 1 or 2 pants, and size 7 shoe

Riley – men’s small tops, 30 x 30 pants and size 9 shoe

Mason – men’s large tops, 34 x 30 pants and size 9 shoe

The above clothes and / or gift cards can be dropped off at a neighbor’s house at 261 Aldo Drive cross of 15th Street. Charlene and Chris will than see that it gets to the family to help them out. For additional information please call or text Chris at 732 620-8184. Please do not drop off anything at the fire house or first aid squad building.

Posted January 2, 2019 


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